Management report: Venice among the first municipalities in Italy


In the national ranking we have an excellent position.
Among the 14 Metropolitan Cities of Italy we are at first place for administrative capacity et al seventh among the 32 largest Italian municipalities .
To say it is the Management report of the main Italian municipalities.

A study that every year compares the budgets of general government making it transparent how “the bodies spent the money of citizens, if they are efficient in collecting the sums due to them e if they have debts to dispose of“.

2018: the year of the comeback

In 2018, the reference year of the last report, Venice climbed the rankings by gaining 13 positions compared to the previous year, when it ranked 20th.
“In 2018, net revenue decreased by 15%, especially for thezeroing of the cash advance – reads the Report – while I am both current revenue increased (+ 2.1%), both those in capital account, with the doubling of contributions to investments increased from 29 to 58 million euros“.

Exit and enter

But how high are the current issues? Always the report indicates one expenditure of 576 million euros, more than half of which are intended forpurchase of goods and services.
The percentage of revenue collection “of a tax, contributory and equalization nature is equal to 63% of the ascertained value while the late payment average of commercial invoices suffered a click, settling in two days before the deadline bills against 37 days later than most other administrations.

“Venice example of good administration”

The situation was illustrated during a meeting with the press of Mayor Luigi Brugnaro and of the Budget Councilor Michele Zuin.
“These data point to Venice as an example of good administration, respect for public money and people who work – noted the first citizen satisfied – We the current expenditure deficit decreased to 29 million, and this is very important, because it means that the debts will not be spread over future generations. We also got to -2% of the time of payments to businesses. This is also a very important fact – concluded Mayor Brugnaro – shows that the work of private individuals is respected, not only in words but in deeds “.

Financial debt and investments

The Report highlights that 2018 has seen a increase in investment, calculated to the extent of 288 euros per inhabitant.
As for thefinancial debt per capita, compared to an average of 1723 euros, in Venice this settles on 1137 euros.

What do you invest most in?

The data indicate a increase of 5 percentage points concerning sustainable development, protection of the territory and the environment, transport and the right to mobility.
“In 2018 – continues in the Statement – continues to improve the administration result, which reaches i 335 million, with the cash fund that rises to 126 million. The increase stocks accrued, including the doubtful due credit fund, which reaches 170 million euros, 37% of the active residues which will therefore hardly be collected “.

2019: zeroing the deficit

“With 2019 the budget deficit of 72 million euros inherited in 2015 has been reset – said the commissioner Michele Zuin – We did in five years what the law allowed us to do in 28 years. Our pride in budgetary terms is above all the improved liquidity. We no longer take advantage of the advance from the Treasury, which forced banks to pay interest. ”

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