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Van Gelder received the necessary criticism in the past year and a half. On his plans, but also on his working method as an alderman. Various care providers indicated that they did not want to participate in the new WMO plans last week.

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There was also strong criticism from the city council. More than a year ago, his plans for changing the WMO were rejected by the council. From that moment on he had to inform the council every two weeks about the progress.

Last Wednesday, Van Gelder survived a vote of no confidence. Two college parties, the CDA and D66, considered supporting the motion. In the end they did not do that.

Van Gelder now writes in his letter of resignation to Mayor Sybrand Buma that he notes that there is “insufficient support for me to be able to operate effectively as a director” in the coalition.

PAL GroenLinks deliberates on position

Evert Stellingwerf, party leader of PAL GroenLinks, says in the first reaction ‘to be disappointed’. “I can only say that I am disappointed in how this came about.” Stellingwelf is referring to two things: the motion of no confidence last Wednesday where coalition partners D66 and the CDA did not take a clear distance.

Both parties applied for a suspension before responding and afterwards stated that they had seriously considered supporting the motion. The other issue is Lutz Jacobi’s statement in the Leeuwarder Courant last Friday. She said that she wants to take a good look at the portfolio allocation in the college in the coming period. According to Jacobi, there is no direction on the WMO and Youth portfolios. According to Jacobi, it was not a foregone conclusion that Van Gelder would keep his portfolio. “That did no good”, says Stellingwerf.

The question is whether PAL GroenLinks will remain in the lecture. “We will consider and enter into discussions with our coalition partners.”

The letter from Herwil van Gelder.

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