Hospitals in Mexico have no additional measures for coronaviruses


Elba Monica Bravo
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The Mayan DayMexico City
Sunday, January 26, 2020

Public hospitals, private individuals, restaurants and food establishments on public roads, as well as cafeterias and chocolate shops have not applied additional sanitary safety measures to the antibacterial gel, nor have they posted information posters about the coronavirus.

On a tour of the Dalinde, Los Angeles Metropolitan, 21st Century National Medical Center and the General Hospital of Mexico hospitals, medical, surveillance, visitor and patient personnel do not use mouth covers in the common areas of medical emergency services or outside of the real estate

The dispensaries with antibacterial gel are placed in private hospitals, while in the public only some people carry their bottle and only two patients were waiting to enter the General Hospital of Mexico with a cap, because they had a cough.

Resident surgeons commented that they have not received any health alert, but that in the operating rooms hygiene measures are rigorously applied, such as hand washing, gel application and use of mouthguards.

They recalled that so far there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in the capital or in the country, so to change security protocols it is necessary for health authorities to issue an epidemiological alert, so one of the first actions to follow would be the closure of basic education schools.

When interviewed, a resident of Lindavista said that Dalinde hospital has not taken extraordinary security measures because he saw in the news that there are no confirmed cases in Mexico.

For his part, Dr. Jose Luis Cano, from the Blood Bank of that hospital, said that hygiene measures are always maintained with or without the presence of the coronavirus; Meanwhile, a nurse from Los Angeles Hospital, who works in the respiratory aid area, said that only the mouthpiece is used in the patients’ rooms.

It could be seen that visitors to the emergency department did not carry one and diners in restaurants, cafes and chocolate shops were totally oblivious to the theme of the coronavirus.

The manager of an establishment said that they have not received any instruction from the authorities of the Ministry of Health to apply additional measures to the antibacterial gel, but that this place has a distinctive “H”, that is, that it meets the standards of hygiene that marks the Mexican standard NMX-F605.

A woman selling food in front of Gate 3 of the 21st Century National Medical Center, on Cuauhtemoc Avenue, placed a bottle of antibacterial gel hanging from a tube at her snack stall, said that until the coronavirus arrives she knows she will have to ” raise the changarro “at least two weeks, as with the H1N1 flu, in 2009.

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