Germany weather: Bitter winter forecast for February 2020 – expert worried


Is this winter a total failure? The forecasts indicate that the climate is composed of rather warm and mild temperatures and that there is a lot of wetness.

  • So far it has hardly been this winter hardly any snow in Germany,
  • The current forecasts say for that February a fairly constant weather situation with much too mild Weather ahead.
  • A possible low pressure area could spread in the southeast at the end of February, and also for snow to care.

Munich – After an almost green December and January with little snow there is new worry about the coming month February As. The forecasts after the first month of the year with their outlook for February 2020 also give little cause for joy. Like meteorologist Corinna Borau from reports, there is little hope of a white winter landscape. Rather, they stir up forecasts the worry about too mild temperatures. At the beginning of the year. * reports on the average German weather, temperatures and precipitation.

Weather outlook for February 2020: Much too warm and often wet

According to Borau, most European long-term models predict a likely constant weather situation. High air pressure is above the forecasts for the areas in Central and Southern Europe. Lows are in the far north, which could then most likely stiffen the north of Germany. Otherwise, the weather should be mostly dry and rather mild from the southwest. These experts are also starting the new year with a shock forecast for the weather.

Weather in winter 2020: do the forecasts indicate a total failure?

The prospects are not very pleasant from the winter side, but after Borau there can also be a brief change in the weather. The long-term models point to a possible, albeit brief, change in the Weather pattern out. According to this forecast, a low-pressure area could squeeze between the highs to Germany around February 20. This would mean some precipitation at least in south-east Germany. Some of the colder air is also possible and can thus provide snow in the higher elevations. If there is a warning of a freezing rain front, there are a number of things to consider.

Winter 2020 weather: February mild and wet – no prospects of snow

For the lowlands, Corinna Borau unfortunately foresees anything but winter temperatures. So show according to the Weather-Expert also the NOAA long-term model: February is much too mild in Germany. If the predictions are confirmed, that would be a total failure for the winter. All in all, the forecasters paint a very alarming picture of the weather and are already warning of an extreme spring.

After clear days, the weather in Germany is about to turn around.

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