Gasoline price in Mexico: Friday, January 31, 2020


In Mexico, the national average for the price of regular gasoline or magna It is located at 19.58 pesos per liter. The daily report of the GasolinaMX portal highlights that there were no significant changes in the cost of fuels in the country during the first month of 2020.

In fact the kind premium it remains at 20.72 pesos, while the diesel It is at 21.27 pesos.

For its part, PETROIntelligence reports that the liter of regular gasoline is worth 19,519 pesos. In its comparative analysis, carried out with information supplied by more than 12 thousand gas stations in the Mexican Republic, the premium is worth 20,723 pesos and diesel is located at 21,264 pesos.

The liter of gasoline by states

On the Calzada de Tlalpan, in the mayor’s office Benito Juarez of Mexico City, regular gasoline costs today 20.89 pesos per liter, according to the data provided by the Energy regulatory commission.

In the same sector of the capital city, diesel is worth 21.61 pesos and the premium is at 21.89 pesos per liter.

In Maltrata Summits, of the same delegation, the magna or regular is achieved at the same price. However, diesel is worth a little less, 21.59 pesos per liter, as well as the premium, which costs 21.79 pesos.

The average for CDMX is calculated as follows:

  • Magna 20.58
  • Premium 21.59
  • Diesel 21.4

In other states


  • Magna 17.74
  • Premium 19.02
  • Diesel 20.65

Mexico state

  • Magna 19.99
  • Premium 21.1
  • Diesel 21.14


  • Magna 20.23
  • Premium 21.47
  • Diesel 21.47


  • Magna 20.42
  • Premium 21.62
  • Diesel 21.36

New Lion

  • Magna 19.93
  • Premium 21.45
  • Diesel 21.53


  • Magna 19.35
  • Premium 20.33
  • Diesel 20.95


  • Magna 19.6
  • Premium 20.34
  • Diesel 21.3


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