Ensures Tena that Chivas will not have a pretext for absences


Chivas has rescued with difficulty a point before Toluca. Now, the calendar will be complicated: on Tuesday life will be played in Copa MX, against Dorados and on Friday he will visit Atletico de San Luis in Liga MX. In the rojiblanco squad there are several casualties. Jose Juan Macias, Alexis Vega and Jesus Sanchez are injured, while Ronaldo Cisneros was expelled this Saturday. The coach Luis Fernando Tena says that will not be a pretext.

No, neither Tuesday nor Friday. Neither the injuries nor the trajin can diminish us. We have very good squad, very good players in quality and quantity. We are going to fight both games with everything, we have no excuses or excuses, the squad is very good, is very strong and we are going to fight both games”, Explained the coach.

And he dares not ensure that Oribe Peralta start in the next Liga MX match, given the amount of casualties. “We have had many injuries, but there is where to lend a hand, we have a very good team in quality and quantity and there is where to lend a hand. We must see the future of the alignment, but there are always players, we have a very good squad, ieven in basic forces there are good players“, he pointed.

He immediately recognizes that 2-2 against the Red Devils leaves the Sacred Flock unsatisfied. “We know little because at home we think of winning. We were 2-1, we felt we could win, it was impressive the support of our people after the second goal and In the end the tie knows us little. We intended to like our people and win“He said.

The team is very good., is a team that knows that it is strong, that knows that it has good players. The mood does not worry me, it is a team with a lot of character and always fighting. In football, there are many things to improve, I did not like that even with one less, they will reach us and we could not unfold. You have to go back, but still attacking when you have one less”, Added Luis Fernando Tena.

The truth was an alternate domain party, they started 15 minutes better, but the second 30 of the first half played much better, we scored, we had control of the ball. In the second half they tied us with a detour and when we got the 2-1, we were better at mastering the ball, but the expulsion comes and everything changed there. They pushed them and we couldn’t contain them as we should. In the end, we can think that the draw is fair”, Sentenced the strategist of Chivas.

Finally, explain that Oswaldo Alanis has not been called to the bench in any Liga MX match by his decision, but he has considered it, despite the rumors of a possible exit. “He is in the competition, we have five centers and he is there competing with his teammates, like everyone else. It is a competition, it is not injured, or anything, it is a decision of mine, ”concluded Luis Fernando Tena.

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