Emilia-Romagna results, Bonaccini collects the result: “Arrogance never pays”


CASALECCHIO DI RENO (Bologna) At half past midnight a scream starts from the room from the wardrobe. “We made it”. Until then, the men of Stefano Bonaccini’s electoral committee had shuttled between the stage in the center of the House of Peoples of Casalecchio di Reno and the farthest room, which had become the gathering point for the most loyal. Exit polls weren’t enough, and even the first showing. “We have been so afraid, as never before” recognizes Andrea Rossi, the deputy from Reggio Emilia of the Democratic Party who pulled the strings of this intense month. Fear was eating the soul of the center-left of a region that was red. Perhaps it was the gasoline on the fire of a mobilization that decided these elections so important and so uncertain. The embankment of Emilia-Romagna held. In a way that surprised even those directly involved. Stefano Bonaccini arrives almost two hours after that scream, on the notes of A better world, by his beloved Vasco Rossi. The applause, the hugs that never end, have something liberating. The truth is that nobody expected such a clear victory. And instead. «This free and great land has decreed the first, true defeat of Matteo Salvini. Thanks to everyone who helped us in this extraordinary election campaign. We dealt with it in our own way, with fairness, without falling down. Many people, women and men, put their faces on it, because we all knew it would be a decisive game, not just for us ». The day had started with the photos of the radical left and the five-star chats that in extremis called for a separate vote. But above all there were the images of the queues at the polling stations, the variable that could have changed the outcome of elections that would otherwise have been resigned to the spirit of the time, as in the end was the last week of the election campaign. A massive mobilization, something that has not been seen for decades. “We are getting our votes full,” they said from Bonaccini’s camp. If the people move for a regional election, this is the basic thesis, it must necessarily be our people. But there was no certainty. Because that reasoning belongs to yesterday’s world. To a certain idea of ​​Emilia-Romagna that has not existed for a long time, if not in the cases of nostalgics. See you late in Casalecchio di Reno. The first under-counter exit polls show even unexpected numbers that nobody really takes seriously. “Cautious optimism,” repeated Rossi. Even Stefano Bonaccini did not believe it. “House by house, vote by vote,” he says. “I think that’s how it’s going to end.” In 2014, when there were still elections without history and the League ran to make a good impression, he showed up in the press room at two in the morning, when his 20 points of advantage became official. “Imagine this time I fought directly against Darth Vader,” he put his hands forward in the late afternoon. Every word, every gesture in this room of activists and insiders told of a fear so great that even apparently definitive numbers had not been able to dissolve. The first announcements do not raise a voice. Just an acknowledgment, we were giving up for dead, instead we are alive. In the hall, old militants, who occupy the front rows, wander, Federico Pizzarotti, mayor of Parma, some Emilian parliamentarian, the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola, who enters the cloakroom and comes out with a smile that goes from one ear to the other ‘other. “Salvini doesn’t pass here.” Optimism no longer lived here. Instead, Bonaccini, the last heir of the Emilian partiton supply chain, won, who after so many doubts, at night, speaks like a leader, not only a regional one. “We had to catch up with many people who had stayed home. We did it, going to knock on many doors. We have restored confidence in the center-left. And we have shown that arrogance never pays. Salvini has decided to play on another ground, hiding his candidate. He used Emilia-Romagna for other purposes. We went on our way. We went back to the squares, to talk to people, something that the center left had forgotten. And we won. ”

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