Emilia Romagna and Calabria 2020 elections, results in real time. Exit poll and projections


Rome, 26 January 2020 – Long night in Emilia Romagna is Calabria for the regional elections 2020. They take on consistency i results that are coming minute by minute and that you can follow below in real time. Latest news, projection Opinio consortium for Rai (definitive, coverage of the sample at 60%, 2:16): Stefano Bonaccini (center left) at 50.9%, leading up Lucia Borgonzoni (center-right) at 44.2%, Simone Benini 3.5%, Laura Bergamini 0.4%. An interesting fact emerges from the coalitions: that of the center-left is at 47%, that of the center-right at 46.8%. Bonaccini would also have been awarded the prize separate vote and the ‘dry’ preference for the outgoing governor. For Consorzio Opinio, the Pd and the first party at 32.8% la League is 31.9%, FDI 9.4%, Bonaccini president 6%, 5 Star Movement 4.8%, Forza Italia 2.9%.

Here the first statements by Stefano Bonaccini

Here the first statements by Lucia Borgonzoni

Fourth and final Swg projection for La 7, sample coverage 68%: Bonaccini in Emilia Romagna at 51.3%, Lucia Borgonzoni 43%, Benini 3.8%. A head-to-head between Pd is League in the lists: the dem are at 32.8% in a center-left coalition that gathers 47.9% (Bonaccini list is 6.8% president, Emilia-Romagna brave 3.9%, green Europe 2.5%, More Europe 1.4%, Volt 0.5%). The League is at 31.8%, Fdi at 8.4, Fi at 2.4 in a coalition of the center-right that takes 45.2% (the Borgonzoni list President at 2%, Youth and the Environment at 0.4% and the Popolo Famiglia-Cambiamo is 0.3%). 5 star movement at 5.1%. And also regarding i real data, which come minute by minute, confirms the trend that gives Bonaccini the advantage over the challenger.


In Calabria, projection Opinio Rai Consortium (coverage 37% of the sample): Jole Santelli (center-right) 52.9% ahead of Filippo Callipo (center left) at 30.8,%. Carlo Tansi at 9.6% and Francesco Aiello at 6.7%. The Democratic Party is the first party with 14.7% while the League is 11.5%. Brothers of Italy at 11.5%, Brothers of Italy at 10.7%.

Projection Swg-La 7 (21% coverage): Jole Santelli at 51.2%, Filippo Callipo at 30.7%, Carlo Tansi at 9.3%, Francesco Aiello (M5s) at 7.5%. As for party data, in the center-right Fi is the first party with 11.2%, Fdi at 10.6% and the League at 10%. In total, the coalition reaches 54.9%. In the center-left field, the Democratic Party is at 14.6%, ‘I remain in Calabria at 8.1% and progressive Democrats at 6.9%. Santelli’s large victory is also reflected in the real data.

Exit in

Second exit poll in Emilia-Romagna (Opinio consortium for the Rai at 23:26): Bonaccini on the head with a fork 48-52% Borgonzoni (center-right) follows with 43-47%. The gap grows slightly compared to the previous survey. Simone Benini of the M5s at 2-5 per cent, Marta Collot of Power to the People between 0 and 1 per cent.

In Calabria (always Opinio consortium, second exit poll of 11.26pm) Jole Santelli forward 49-53% up Filippo Callipo with fork 31-35. The candidate of the M5S- Calabria Civic Francesco Aiello between 7% and 11%, Carlo Tansi, supported by some civic lists, would also be between 5% and 9%.


Already with the results of theaffluence there was a first trend of the electoral round: exploits in Emilia Romagna, where at 11pm (final figure) 67.67% went to vote with a growth of about 30 points. Percentage of voters that is similar to previous elections, however, in Calabria, where it stops at 44.32% against 44.16% in previous elections. These regional elections, especially as regards Emilia-Romagna, they are indicated as decisive for the future of government.

Emilia Romagna, map and results

Calabria, map and results

Emilia Romagna, candidates

In Emilia-Romagna it is a game of two between the outgoing governor Stefano Bonaccini (center left) e Lucia Borgonzoni (Center-right). The other candidates are Simone Benini (5 Star Movement), Domenico Battaglia (3V Movement), Laura Bergamini (Communist Party), Marta Collot (Power to the People) and Stefano Lugli (The Other Emilia-Romagna). The president of the Region it is decided in this part-session: there is no ballot. There electoral law regional ensures governability thanks to the majority prize: at least 27 seats are guaranteed to the list or lists that support the governor-elect, 54% of the total (50 overall)

Calabria, candidates

There are four candidates in Calabria: Jole Santelli of the center-right, Filippo Callipo of the center-left, Francesco Aiello (5 Star Movement and Civic Calabria) and Carlo Tansi (Calabria Treasury, Free Calabria and Clean Calabria). As regards the electoral system, Calabria is divided into three electoral districts: north, which includes the municipalities of the province of Cosenza; center for municipalities in the provinces of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia; south, which includes the municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria. The electoral law, proportional, provides for a majority prize.

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