Coronavirus, first 2 cases in Italy. Unobtainable masks and Chinese stores emptied


Antivirus masks nowhere to be found in Campobasso as in Milan. Empori with fewer customers than usual and doubts – completely unfounded – also on the purchase of Chinese food: the Coronavirus psychosis is also in Molise where for days the fear of contracting the potentially lethal infection that has already killed 170 deaths in China has been widespread. it has more than 7800 confirmed cases worldwide.

Yesterday, January 30, too in Italy they have been discovered the first two cases: these are Chinese tourists traveling for about ten days in our country immediately isolated after the appearance of symptoms and hospitalized at the Spallanzani Institute in Rome. The couple is originally from the city of Wuhan, the capital of the large and populous province of Hubei in central China. It is an important freight yard and passage of international commercial affairs, an outbreak of the infection. For now, the situation is under control but health surveillance was activated for people who came into contact with the pair of Orientals. Furthermore, all the measures provided for some people of the hotel in Rome where the two were staying, and for other tourists, all asymptomatic, who are not causing concern as we read on the website of the Ministry of Health which is dedicating ample space to Coronavirus .

The government has blocked flights to and from China by providing for additional extraordinary measures: the alert is maximum. The Council of Ministers has just declared a state of emergency for six months and an initial allocation of € 5 million to deal with what the World Health Organization has called a global emergency.

In the meantime, the doctors repeat: “Getting vaccinated is essential”Against a virus that propagates basically by air, with a sneeze or a cough, however through the droplets of saliva.

The same recommendations apply in the capital: “No to unjustified psychosis”, reports the doctor Natale Liberatore, a specialist in emergency and first aid surgery, from the Cardarelli hospital emergency department. “Basically you don’t have to be afraid of this virus. Why it is a ‘crown virus’, that is to say it is the pathogen of a common cold. This viral agent it causes the same complications that a common flu virus would create. IS’ it is clear that sick people, those with chronic problems, the most fragile, the most debilitated are most at risk compared to these emergency waves “.

The flu vaccine is recommended – explains the infectious disease specialist from Chieti hospital and professor at the University of Molise to Primonumero Claudio Ucciferri – first of all for avoid that there may be factors predisposing to infection: the fact of having damage in the upper airways predisposes to have another infection. Secondly, the possibility of catching the flu and confusing the disease with Coronavirus is removed. In addition, there are those who believe that being vaccinated can give a certain degree of protection but this is a slightly less real hypothesis. The real reason is to avoid damage to the pathways that predisposes to other infections ”.

This explains why most of the deceased people are over 60 years old, others had health problems. But “the same thing is registered with the flu,” points out Ucciferri again.

How to prevent? “Being a respiratory transmission virus – he adds – through the secretions of the respiratory system, a sneeze or a cough transmit the infection. Wash your hands it is the most effective method to avoid transmission “.

But then there is also the do it yourself prevention. For days in Campobasso and Termoli the masks are nowhere to be found in pharmacies. “Requests have even arrived from Milan: people who have relatives here have asked us if we have them available to send them to them,” admits the doctor. Gianmaria Torrisi of the Di Toro pharmacy in Piazza Prefettura. “By now they are nowhere to be found throughout Italy – he adds – because the company that sells them in Europe is located in the Chinese region where the spread of the virus began and has blocked exports “.

Also in Molise the fear of Coronavirus infection, still almost unknown, ‘ago 90’ as a popular motto says. And it’s easy that between social and whatsapp messages read the most disparate news, as well real hoaxes. “I bought a notebook at the Chinese store, can I use it or risk contagion?”. “I have to take a plane, can I stay calm or do I risk the infection at the airport?”. And again: “I bought a doormat for the house in a Chinese emporium, is there to be afraid?”.

Coronaviruses, experts say, they are spread with saliva: therefore, with a sneeze or with a cough. Or with direct contact, that is, by shaking hands. “That’s why – they explain for example from the Giampaolo pharmacy in Piazza Gabriele Pepe in Campobasso – it is better to sneeze or cough in the crook of the elbow. So we also avoid infecting the door handles. ”

Unobtainable masks also in the Picca and Caruso pharmacies.

To increase the precautions in pharmacies and shops, the products for disinfecting hands are almost exhausted. Products that have also undergone price increases.

Coronavirus psychosis could not fail effects on Chinese department stores. There are those who swear to have noticed fewer customers, many have decided to stay away from shops for fear of contact contagion. They, the merchants and the owners of the mega emporiums present in both Campobasso and Termoli, are unable (or unwilling) to quantify the possible drop in sales. Or perhaps in the Adriatic city the business crisis is more evident than in the capital.

Chinese restaurants and shops

To the Chinese restaurant in via Martiri della Resistance in Termoli “for a couple of days there have been fewer customers”. However, assures the owner, “that’s what happened with Sars”. Even then, in fact – explains the owner – the customers disappeared for a few days.

In the store that is located inside the Lo Scrigno shopping center in Termoli there are those who admit that business is not going well in this period: “There has been a drop in sales, but perhaps it does not depend on the Coronavirus: this is a period of lackluster from a commercial point of view“. There are also those who accuse: “Everything is artfully assembled by the press, the goal is to hit the Chinese economy. In addition, our products are controlled. ” Anyway. he minimizes, “this – the months of January, February and March – is a ‘dead’ period. If this psychosis had occurred in December, we would have had problems with sales. “

Chinese restaurants and shops

In Campobasso the owner of the department store located in via Nina Guerrizio in Campobasso underlines: “Our products arrive in Italy after 2-3 months. So customers don’t have to be afraid. “ Not even the Chinese restaurant di Campobasso would have suffered repercussions: “Our customers come quietly to eat, there are those who also take take-away food”. Moreover, as experts assure, with cooked foods there are no risks.

Yet unfounded fear, alarmism and fake news are spreading faster than the virus itself with scenes that repeat themselves identical in Italy as in France, Germany, Pakistan and Mongolia countries where people are repatriated and the borders with China are closing.

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