13 percent more sales for Swiss mushrooms


Oyster and herb mushrooms in particular sold better. Sales of shiitake remained at the same level as in 2018, as the association of Swiss mushroom producers VSP wrote in a media release.

Slightly growing mushroom market

Domestic mushroom sales remained constant for the first time in 2019, according to VSP, at 7,130 tons. The market is growing slightly, with the sales volume shifting from Suisse Garantie to Swiss organic mushrooms.

Unnecessary price reductions put pressure on

The VSP criticizes Migros’ price reduction in the 35th calendar week of last year. This measure did not result in an effective increase in sales and thus unnecessarily put pressure on the producer price.

Portrait: “Mushrooms are always in season”
Life artist Lorenz Laubscher from Kappelen BE is as networked as a mushroom. He stretches his roots all over the world.

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                “Working and acting fairly is only possible with good networking,” explains Lorenz Laubscher while presenting his pupils in an air-conditioned room. White narrow trunks have intense, bright yellow, high, round roofs – lime mushrooms shoot from mushroom blocks with bio-substrate. Laubschers also pull oyster mushrooms in the converted pigs from Lorenz …

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